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American Zombie (2007)


54,710 views Pic documents the daily lives of a small community of the living deceased who make their home in Los Angeles.

Yobi, the Five Tailed Fox (2007)

34,260 views After losing her family to fox hunters, five-tailed Yobi lives in the forest with some shipwrecked aliens...

Seven Days (2007)


25,010 views A successful lawyer who, in order to save her daughter, is pressured into defending the innocence of a man slated to receive the death penalty.

Voices (2007)

16,260 views A young girl is followed by a "curse" that is killing off many of her family and friends in the most brutal ways imaginable...

Virgin Snow (2007)


9,280 views Kim Min is a male student from South Korea, who travels to Japan to visit his father, who is a potter...

The Cut (2007)


8,990 views Director: Derek Son
Cast: Yoon-seo Chae, Ji-min Han, Min-gi Jo, Won-ju Moon, Tae-gyeong Oh, Ju-wan On, Soy

Uahan segye (2007)


8,330 views In-gu (Song Kang-ho) is a kingpin in a dark world. However, hes the sweetest husband and dad, full of love for his family...

Unstoppable Marriage (2007)


8,090 views Eun-ho, a daughter of Ji-man the Feung Shui expert who lives up to tradition inheritance, and Ki-baek, the only son of Mal-nyon who is both a tycoon in Kangnam-gu and a leader in luxury, rode a paraglider and had an minor accident. They grew up and live in the different backgrounds so that they fight like a cat and dog over everything. Even though they hate each other, at the same time, they come to fall for each other and become a couple. The only matter is to obtain each family’s consent.

Shiny Day (2007)


6,320 views A little girl is reunited with her reluctant small-time criminal father. Jong Dae is a lowlife conman...